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So yesterday all-around excellent dude Matt Mansfield was all

Seemed like a fair point!

To back up a bit, some of you old-timers may remember the Before Times, the Mid-Oughts, when newspapers were still printed on dead trees and Twittering was something birds did in live ones. And I had this newspaper design “blog,” as the kids used to say. That was fun and people seemed to like it, so I did that for a few years. Then life happened and blogs got neglected and domain renewals fell through the cracks and some nice Japanese people moved in. And all that content went “poof!”

Well, not quite poof. It was still mouldering in various directories and databases. So I thought I’d make a run at seeing what I could recover. And lo, it was easier than I thought! A nice little plug-in that sucked an ancient Moveable Type database dump right into a shiny WordPress blog, a couple search-and-replace scripts to update some URLs and boom. The blog, she lives again. Even all your insightful comments seem to have made the trip! And the other ones, too.

I’m sure there’s plenty of wonkiness around the site. This is, after all, content from the Jurassic era of the internet. Many links to previous posts will probably still send you to the nice Japanese people. And, yes, this is a design blog in a generic WordPress template. Irony! But the words and images seem to be here, and that’s what matters, right?

So anyway, here you go. Look around and relive the past. And you can find all the 2005 Katrina stuff here.

New York Times Sells First Front-Page Display Ad

The New York Times will sell display ads on its front page and, in fact, already has, as you can see in the above image of Monday’s front page.

The Times would not disclose the rates it charges for ads on the front page. Ordinarily, such space would be coveted by advertisers for its prominence, but it remains to be seen how well it will sell in the current climate, in which ad spending is plummeting.

» The Times to Sell Display Ads on the Front Page [The New York Times]

Save NewsPageDesigner

NewsPageDesigner, the venerable newspaper design portfolio site, is in need of new servers and programming to redesign the site from the ground up. And they need to do it soon so they don’t lose the thousands of portfolios that are already there. And that’s going to cost $2,500.
I know there’s a whole lotta you out there who got shiny new jobs because somebody saw your portfolio on NPD. Time to pay it forward.
» Save NewsPageDesigner.com [The Point]

Election Front Pages

Here are the front pages from the top U.S. papers this morning. I’ll add some smaller papers and international ones as they reflect the results in Thursday’s editions.
Update: I’ve added a few more pages, including some international pages. Elsewhere, check out how Indian papers covered the election, and, of course, Charles Apple covers it all like the dew.
Update2: And from AAN, here’s a collection of alt-weekly front pages.

Chicago Tribune Redesign

The Chicago Tribune launched its long-awaited redesign today. A bunch more pages after the jump.
The SND site has a look into the project in slideshow and video form, and Poynter has a Q&A with Design Director Jonathon Berlin.
There’s Chicago reaction to the redesign from design consultant Ron Reason, and public radio station WBEZ talked with Northwestern’s Jeremy Gilbert and E&P’s Mark Fitzgerald. Chicago blogs Chicagoist and Gapers Block solicited comments from their readers.
And Visual Editors’ Robb Montgomery took his camera out on the streets of suburban Chicago to find out what readers think.
In other redesign news, Mario Garcia redesigned The Oklahoman and the Hartford Courant relaunched with a new design yesterday.

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SND Vegas Backchannel

The aforementioned SND Vegas workshop begins Sunday, and I’ve hacked together a page that collects some of the online conversations generated by the workshop. Content from blogs, Twitter, Flickr, etc., should show up on the page in a timely fashion. If you’re blogging or Twittering the workshop, let me know, and I’ll add you (your Twitter updates have to be public to show up, though). And tag your Flickr photos, Vimeo or YouTube videos with “sndvegas”. You can ride the whole SND Vegas Twitter river here and there’s an iPhone version of the Twitters at m.newsdesigner.com